Carolyn Costello

Director of Communications

Carolyn Costello is the Director of Communications at First Street Foundation. In this role, her priority is getting First Street’s research and tools to the public. She works with journalists across the country to ensure the Foundation’s data is communicated clearly and accurately.

Carolyn is a seasoned journalist who spent much of her career working to expose corruption. While at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, she broke several stories on deputy misconduct within the LA County Sheriff’s Department. As a local reporter in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, she was first to expose the prosecutorial misconduct of the Durham County District Attorney in the now infamous Duke lacrosse case.

Carolyn transitioned to public relations in 2015, becoming the communications director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. There, her experience as a reporter and commitment to transparency allowed her to successfully lead the diocese through public relations crises for nearly 3 years.

Carolyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Cornell University. Her ability to communicate complex scientific concepts in a simple, accurate, and relevant way is key to her role at First Street Foundation.