Nathan Rosler

Director of Design

Nathan Rosler is First Street Foundation’s Director of Design. In that capacity he oversees and handles creative direction and implementation of all media—print, website design and branding—utilized by the organization in its efforts to drive a heightened sense of urgency around the challenge of sea level rise. He brings to bear a highly-tuned design aesthetic, one that makes the Foundation’s communications visually captivating, while, at the same time, clear and compelling.

Previously he served as Design Director of Anthro,a digital marketing agency that focused on cause-based marketing. There he led all creative and design decisions affecting multiple website designs, banner ads, social media, print and video productions. Responsibilities included concept creation, execution, and oversight of campaigns with an emphasis on branded social content.

Nate began as a design professional at Edelman, a global communications marketing firm, first as a graphic designer, then as a senior designer. While there he worked on a range of design challenges for such brands as the American Heart Association, Astrazeneca, AXE, Banana Boat, Ben & Jerry’s, Best Buy, CitiGroup, Comcast, Crayola, Dove, eBay, Energizer, TGI Fridays, GE, Girl Scouts, Heinz, iRobot, Ore Ida, Pfizer, Samsung, Suave, Time Warner, and Verizon.

He holds a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of New York.